About Us

Our Background: Southern Cross Life Settlements, LLC (SCLS) History, Core Values, and Advantages

A forward-thinking company, SCLS is poised to be a leading local broker in the life settlement industry. This industry emerged in the 1990s and is expected to grow dramatically and exceed $20 billion over the next few years. We pride ourselves on our ability to find hidden value in unwanted life insurance policies and produce exceptional, profitable results for our clients. We operate with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism, and we are dedicated to building value and trust. We endeavor to be the first choice for policy owners and their financial advisory teams in exploring the secondary life insurance market.

SCLS delivers the highest levels of client advocacy and negotiates the best, timely offers for its clients. In addition, SCLS has committed the human resources, technology and capital required to raise industry standards.

Core Values:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Open communication
  • Excellent service coupled with process simplification
  • Hassle free, pleasant experience
  • Objectivity
  • Sensitivity to client needs and client confidentiality
  • Team work
  • Providing all clients with value added service
  • Firm belief in free markets
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Technology leader
  • Solid understanding of the affluent market
  • Hiring and retaining detail oriented, knowledgeable and empowered associates
  • A strong set of values that center on ethics, mutual respect, professionalism and efficiency

Discerning the difference in addition to our commitment to value, trust and integrity, several other factors differentiate SCLS from other life settlement brokers. SCLS is an independent firm focused solely on brokering life settlement transactions. We do not dilute our objectivity because of conflicts with affiliated companies. Our clients enjoy expeditious prequalification, a straightforward application process and efficient case file management. For example, our universal application is designed to satisfy the varying information requirements of different potential buyers.

Our experience and technology are focused on making the life settlement process as effortless and smooth as possible for clients and their advisors. We believe that speed and simplicity in transactions are essential, and we developed our policies, procedures, and systems around this belief.

We strive for transparency in the process, practicing open communication during and after the transaction. However, we diligently protect our clients’ privacy and safeguard all information entrusted to us.

We conduct simultaneous bidding among multiple qualified life settlement providers, using a structured process and advanced technological tools, which drives up the settlement value and compresses the time to offer. SCLS scours the marketplace for buyers, seeking, qualifying and developing new funding sources. We are committed to making the secondary market as liquid and efficient as possible.

We respect the vital role of the advisor in life settlement transactions and the relationship they maintain with their clients. We seek to include advisors in all life settlement transactions.